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MasterTask's new headquarters as of August, 2003.

The firm was established in 1967 in Rockford, Illinois, as one of the first video production firms to utilize the new "industrial" video equipment. Working with both local and national accounts, V-TIP produced promotional and training videos. In an effort to improve the effectiveness of the training materials, research was done on various techniques including the results of studies done for the US military at Florida State University.

The resulting ISD, Instructional Systems Development process, was employed by the military to speed learning and develop high levels of competency. V-TIP modified the ISD process to fit the environment of a typical manufacturing plant and called it the MasterTask technique. This competency-based approach reverses the typical training paradigm in which individuals are given a fixed number of hours of instruction within which each person achieves various levels of competency. Instead, MasterTask requires a fixed level of competency while allowing the time needed to achieve that goal to become the variable within reasonable limits.

Two pilot projects established the unique power of the method when both firms reported significant increases in productivity and reductions in operating cost. It soon became apparent that such large improvements could not have been created by simply training the small number new trainees at each plant. The retraining of the existing personnel produced the greatest impact in the shortest period of time. Further study of the results revealed the MasterTask technique overcame many of the shortcomings of conventional on-the-job and classroom techniques.

The MasterTask method has been applied to many different types of manufacturing machinery and processes with similar improvements. Over 40 programs comprising in excess of 600 lessons are now available through the MasterTask library. Custom training development is also available. The multimedia approach uses combinations of web-based, CD-ROM, DVD and print materials as appropriate.