Simpson Strong-Tie, Paul Larson: "The morale boost has been tremendous. They feel more professional and have more pride in what they are doing."

MPB Inc. , Frank Henderson: "We've added between 8 to 10 new CNC machines within the last year. I've got 16 people going through your CNC training right now. They love it. I stop by the class once a week and their comment is 'Thank You'"

Muza Metal, John Robinson: "It has also helped the men with less experience. It gives them more incentive to maintain the quality. They feel more responsible for the job now because they know more about what is happening."

Howmedica Incorporated, Howard Hughes: "People have more pride in what they are doing. We produced about a 15% decrease in downtime. I am very happy with it."

Glenmore Company, Russ Hensley: "Our experienced men were reluctant to get into the training initially. Once we got it going, however, they began pushing it from their end. Now they are very positive and are telling us when they want to begin the next lesson."

National Set Screw, Bob Dunford: "I think, second to none, we have the best training program in the country right now. It's real nice to put an ad in the paper and say you have a formal training program. You get a lot more people responding of the type that you are looking for. Those who want to learn."

Stockbridge Mfg., Gary Cornish: "We've seen a big change in attitude. This (MasterTask System) was far better than any bonus I could give them."

Towne Robinson , Leo Norikus: "We are sticking right to the (instructional) design. The guys that got into it seem to have a better attitude. They are anxious to keep moving and go on to the next step. They are more involved with their machines and watch them more closely now."

John Hassall Incorporated, Joe Hachadoorian: "Five of our experienced men went through the lessons. It has increased their interest in doing the job and increased their efficiency level as well."

Huron Manufacturing, Bob Conely: "They have a good attitude toward it. I've had good responses so far from it. They like it."