Machine Damage

Hoffman Engineering, Dale Ketchmark: "Our accident rate on the stamping presses has gone way down."

Midland-Ross Corporation, Bill Bowshier: "There has been a reduction in tool breakage and machine wrecks on the CNC equipment. I relate that to the better experience and the better experience comes from the training materials."

Gray Tool, Bob Kerr: "The maintenance people noticed a change. We don't have as much machine repair now."

Michigan Rivet, Ed Manzo: "They were having smash ups before. After we showed them the lesson tapes, it has been reduced."

Precision Machine Products, Chuck Henzy: "We haven't had any tool or machine damage for quite a while."

Towne Robinson, Leo Norkis: "They recognize a problem now before it ruins any part of the machine or the setup."

Howmedica Inc., Howard Hughes: "We produced a 15% decrease in downtime."