Boeing, Gary Bomhoff: "The quality improvements and efficiency gains gave us a 10% increase in productivity. The reductions in scrap and rework alone enabled us to quickly pay for the system."

John Deere, Dave Juon: "It increased productivity enough that it allowed for a reduction in additional equipment purchases."

Tektronix, Ron Vanderschuere: "Productivity increased by 10% since we used the program."

A.J. Rose Manufacturing, Bill Tilk: "They recognize a problem now before it gets too big. They fix it and get on with production."

Midland Ross-Grimes, Bill Bowshier: "Of the 27% increase we had, at least 10% to 15% was due to the training we did with your program."

Carter Weber, Randy Moss: "We went from 50% efficiency to 70% efficiency. (40% increase) That was above our goal."

Simpson Strong Tie, Paul Larson: "We went from 86% efficiency to 93%. In just a few months we were able to do what we couldn't get done during the previous 2 years."

Lyn-Tron Incorporated, John Moore: "Even our men with five to ten years of experience learn things they didn't know. Some have increased productivity 5% to 10%."

National Set Screw, Bob Dunford: "It's unbelievable what's happened in my department. We use to have so many problems. But now they don't need me as much any more. The department just runs and runs and the problems are minimal."

Stelco Incorporated, David Horsfield: "In the past we figured 18 months to bring a new employee to the point where they could run high production with good quality. When we got our first MasterTask program we started 4 completely new people in it. Within 6 months they were out-producing the experienced people, and their quality was unbelievable."

Sundstrand Aviation, Greg Rees: "We made a projection as to what their efficiency would be after four months, six months, and eight months. They have out performed it at each point. Plus, in quality and scrap, they performed better than our projected index."