Retrain Personnel

Amerace, Gene Reese: "We sent our experienced men through. Some of them had been running machines (Davenport) nine years. We sent them through all the lessons. I've noticed an increase there plus I've seen a change in attitude. It has also affected our scrap levels. I am in my twenty-eighth year and it's the best program I've seen. It's worked out very well. There is enough there that even the best guy can benefit from the program."

Anchor Fastener, Sam Alterei: "Eighteen people have completed it. All of them went through it, even the experienced ones. One thing for sure, we have the different terminology ironed out between shifts. It has enabled them to standardize the setup procedures so that the next guy doesn't tear out what was already done. There is no question in my mind it has helped the productivity."

Carter Weber, Randy Hutchinson: "Whenever they have a problem on a job, they go watch the tape. A lot of times it has helped them figure out what was wrong. I don't really have to worry about the machines now. I get them the work and leave them alone."

Versatech, Tom Mari: "Most of the people in the CNC department had some time on the machines when they started the training. We are very busy. I really didn't want to be a teacher all day long. These materials make it a little easier. One guy has completed 7 of the 11 lesson machining-center program. There's no question he makes fewer mistakes. I consider him one of my better setup people now."

Glenmore Company, Russ Hensley: "Our experienced men were reluctant to get into the training initially. Once we got it going, however, they began pushing it from their end. Now they are very positive and are telling us when they want to begin the next lesson."

Gray Tool, Robert Kerr: "Our experienced men use it as a reference if they have a problem during setup. They tell us they were never shown the right way to do it before."

Howmedica Incorporated, Howard Hughes: "People have more pride in what they are doing. We have run 20 people through. We produced about a 15% decrease in downtime. I am very happy with it."

Huron Manufacturing, Bob Conely: "We had some of our setup people go through it first to supervise the hands-on with the new trainees. Some of them don't come right out and tell me they learned something new, but I can tell from their reaction they did."

John Hassall Incorporated, Joe Hachadoorian: "Five of our experienced men went through the lessons. It made them aware of some of the bad habits they had picked up over the years and showed them how to correct them. It has increased their interest in doing the job and increased their efficiency level as well."

Mobilite, Howard Bender: "We had been using experienced operators to train new employees and purchased the Punch Press system to aid them. Everyone has just completed the first lesson and already we are amazed at how much the experienced operators did not know themselves."

Muza Metal, John Robinson: "Our more experienced people, people with 15 to 20 years, have picked up a lot of things by going through it as well. They have learned better practices and eliminated some things they were doing that they weren't even aware they were doing."