Return on Investment

John Deere, Dave Juon: "We have projected a $151,000 return on investment in the first year using your program."

Boeing, Gene Lednicky: "Based on our current (scrap and rework) data, we estimate a 630% return. It would have been higher had we measured all areas of impact."

Midland-Ross Corporation, Bill Bowshier: "The training is contributing to reductions in setup time, but I can't put a figure to that. My goal is to cut 10% to 15%. Without the training, it would most assuredly be higher. We have definitely had our investment returned with the productivity increase we've shown."

Stanadyne Chicago Division, Hugh O'Brien: "The return (on investment), I believe, started as we finished our first trainee. The union is completely in favor of it."

Sundstrand Aviation, Greg Rees: "We also did a survey here in Denver to determine what our employees knew here. We hire only journeymen with at least four years of background. We compared them against the new people in York and the people in York out performed them. It really made an impressive amount of numbers."

Torrington Company, Tommy Dickerson, P.E.: "This tape series is the best training tool that I have seen yet. Originally, I felt the price was high, but I now feel that this program is the best investment I have made in many years."

National Set Screw, Bob Dunford: "Because of the better attitude and cooperation caused by the training programs, we've been able to start problem solving teams using just the people on the floor."

Elco Industries, Roger Pelkey: "We got what we wanted - the availability of quality training programs on an on-going basis. Even two of our 15 year veterans picked up some constructive points from the program they had not previously been aware of. If we were to put together our own programs, they would cost over $100,000 each."

Versatech, Rick Versaw: "The instructional approach is the most comprehensive I've seen. I really like the idea that these guys are able to learn the tasks at 100%. It's not just the content of the videos, it's the training method that has produced results."