Setup Time

Anchor Fastener, Sam Alterei: "Eighteen people have completed it. All of them went through it, even the experienced ones. It has enabled them to standardize the setup procedures so that the next guy doesn't tear out what was previously done."

Midland-Ross Corporation, Bill Bowshier: "The training is contributing to reductions in setup time, but I can't put a figure to that. My goal is to cut 10% to 15%. Without the training, it would most assuredly would be higher. We have definitely had our investment returned with the productivity increase we've shown."

Henry Vogt Machine, Vic Stringer: "It's as good as you can get. It takes you from the very basics right up through the tasks. It has improved both the scrap rate and in reducing setup time."

Kohler Company, Tom Ross: "The setup time on the automatics has decreased by approximately 50%."

VersaTech, Rick Versaw: "I get utilization charts every week. Since we started the training the charts have been good and they are consistently getting better. Our setup times have definitely improved."

Piedmont Manufacturing, John Douglas: "Our setup costs were astronomical. We had to get them down. This training package is one of the major contributors increasing how quickly they setup. In a period of six months, our setup times went from a week and a half to a day and a half."

Schrader Bellows, Roy Hayes: "Setup time on the Brown & Sharpes was cut by 34% and on the Greenlees by 25%. In seven months, we went from 800 hours over standard to only 100 hours over."

Tektronix Incorporated, Ron Vanderschuere: "We have a more consistent setup between operators now."

Simpson Strong Tie, Paul Larson: "When we look at the upward skew in productivity of between 5% to 8% we produced, at least half of that could easily be generated by the increased setup efficiency."