Training Time

Allen Bradley, Al Fulmer: "We've only had the program in use for four months. Some people have completed thirteen lessons in three months. That would have taken six to nine months before. They can do simple setups now."

Midland-Ross Corporation, Bill Bowshier: "It's fantastic! We've had great results. We just finished one group and have started another. Twenty people have completed it in the last six months. They had machinists background, but most had nothing on CNC. They are capable of editing programs at the machine now."

Gantner Screw, Jack Williamson: "We have a 90 day probation period, and you'd be surprised how much these lessons can tell you. You can pretty well tell what a man's basic abilities are. You can also tell if they have misled you about their previous experience."

General Automation, Max Starr: "We sent two new guys through it completely. They came through much more quickly (than normal O.J.T.). It cuts the training time by more than half."

Hi-Shear Corporation, Walter Perez: "We had an apprenticeship program we dumped. We spent over $20,000 on the V-TIP (MasterTask) programs, and it was money well spent. It made us a lot more efficient. It really proved itself in just the first few months."

Goodyear Rubber, Ted Cox: "The six existing people are now behind the trainees (after 6 weeks). In fact, some are teaching some of our experienced operators. Now the experienced guys are asking to go through it. The new people seem to be retaining what they learn. They have a lot of confidence in what they are doing."

Huron Manufacturing, Bob Conely: "We have 23 new trainees in the program. Some are ready to start Lesson 11 (4 months). We set up our classroom to go through one lesson per week. We can't do that on the later lessons because of the hands-on-time. They have a good attitude toward it. I've had good responses so far from it. They like it."

General Motors, Jay Kennell: "I've used micrometers for twenty years. I watched the tape and thought I'd just take the test and breeze through it. It kind of woke me up. I would have to say that if they pass the lesson on micrometers, I can be confident they are going to get accurate readings. You've got to start there. If you don't have good data, how can you ever set up a machine."

ITT Barton, Tom Roide: "Anyone that wants to learn, can learn using the MasterTask system. We had one man running hand screws apply for a CNC setup operators job. He was accepted based on his willingness to learn. He can now setup the machine alone and run quality parts. He has even been teaching some experienced operators things they didn't know."

Lyn-Tron Incorporated, John Moore: "They see things on the tapes they might not see in a day to day basis. Plus trainees have it explained to them the right way. A lot of men don't give trainees the correct information, yet once they learn it, they continue to do it wrong all the time. They also use the tapes if they have a problem before they do something wrong."

Maple Screw Products, Douglas Mckague: "We are operating today with fewer skilled people than we have ever operated before, and frankly, I am somewhat amazed at how well we've done. I expected us to do more poorly than we have done considering that we have so many youngsters out there. It helps out immensely in that regard. There isn't any question about it."

National Set Screw, Bob Dunford: "We had one man that was doing the complete setups himself and monitoring his own quality after only six months with the program. I have people who have been here in O.J.T. for three years that are not as far along as this guy. We started six people in the program and have already weeded out one that we found could not do the job. The other five are all doing real well and after only 2-1/2 months are doing 75% of all set ups by themselves. At this point they have completed 9 lessons."

Parker Hannifin Corporation, Walter Petro: "All of them improved a lot. Normally when we sent them to the factory school, they still were not fully trained for at least 6 months to a year. With your system, it took us 2-1/2 months to train them. They do it right the first time now without trial and error."

Parker Hannifin Cylinder Division, Milan Moravec: "The Mazak course we just purchased is really packed with a lot of valuable information. The segments within each lesson let the trainees review the material more easily. The performance-based training concept built in the package makes it easy to use and is more effective than the other methods I've seen."

Penco Precision, Glynn Pennington: "It does reduce the amount of time required to train new people. It helps us get to the level where an operator can produce quality much faster, and that's important."

Schrader Bellows, Roy Hayes: "It used to take four years to train a new man; now they are ready in about eight months."

Torrington Company, Tommy Dickerson, P.E.: "The test group that used the classroom approach has not completed the lessons yet. The other group, using your training method, has completed the training. In summary, I feel that training should be conducted exactly as outlined in the manuals. The "classroom" approach does not work as effectively. I have personally taught in the classroom environment, and it does not even approach the effectiveness of the your methods."