Courses for Education

As a Teacher, Are They Asking You To:

Provide Trained Personnel Ready to Handle the Common Models of Fanuc, Haas, Mazak and Okuma CNC Controls?

MasterTask provides you with everything you need to select for EACH STUDENT or class the brand and model of CNC control they need to learn. Interactive simulations of the actual screen displays, control panels and machinery components give students a realistic experience for each type of machine.

Teach Both CNC Lathe and Machining Center Courses?

"Mastering CNC Lathes" and "Mastering CNC Machining Centers" have all the materials needed to administer both lathe and mill courses. You don't need to be an expert in all the brands. The Instructor Guides cross reference every question to the instruction so you can quickly locate the correct answer.

Include Operating, Set Up, and Programming Skills?

The five levels in each course enable you to develop students to the level of performance you choose. Each course includes DVD instruction along with CD-ROM testing and simulation of the selected brands.

Cover G&M Code and Conversational Languages?

With the expansion of conversational programming, students need to have an understanding of EIA code and well as conversational programming. It is all included as you'll see in the lesson outlines and course samples.

Teach Both Experienced and New Students in the Same Class?

The five levels in each course let you start students at a level appropriate to their current knowledge and skill. You can even create interactive pretests to determine where they need to begin.

Begin with the Basics?

The "Precision Measurement for Machinists" course is an interactive course that covers over 35 measuring instruments, basic print reading, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, Shop Math, and both inch and metric instruments.

Best of all NO GRADING! These courses include the MasterTask Course Management System. It tracks all your students and maintains a continuous record of their achievement. View or print student records as you need.