Case Study Reports

Dr. Jim Lovelady, Angelina College, Lufkin, Texas: "We have had excellent results with the MasterTask program. The students like the CD-ROM interaction and the immediate feedback they receive. Our clients have commented on how up-to-date the program is and how effective the graphic representations are of various CNC processes."

Gary Pettet, Gordon Cooper Area Vo-Tech School: "I was very impressed with your courses when I saw the samples. We got the 'Precision Measurement for Machinists' and 'Mastering CNC Lathes' programs. We have had an excellent response from students. I have filled the day classes and I have basically filled a class for next year already. It works great!"

Christopher Groden, Tulsa Technology Center: "We began using the 'Mastering CNC Lathes' and 'Mastering CNC Machining Centers' materials a few years ago and started using the 'Precision Measurement for Machinists' course recently. We contract with local manufacturing facilities to perform the training for them. Many of the people we work with in the state funded Train-the-Trainer program have between 10 to 15 years as foreman and supervisors in CNC. They often tell us they learn a lot from from the materials."

Robert Harn, Mid-East Ohio Vocational School: "I've looked at a lot of materials over the years and nothing I've seen in the industry compares. Your courses are really state-of-the-art. They are more advanced, have better graphics, and offer more with the use of the CD-ROM simulations. It's very comprehensive."

Steve Dickerson, Alfred State College: "I think it's fantastic. I have 100% placement and I could probably place more if I had them. One large machine-tool company is located 100 miles away in Rochester, New York, yet they come to me for 4 to 5 students each year. In fact, that company recently gave me a million dollar grant to purchase CNC machines. I believe that one of the reasons we got the grant is because of the quality of the people we are turning out."

Sonny Suskey, Salina Area Vocational Technical School, Salina, Kansas: "I was always worried about letting students get hands-on experience because I don't have the budget to replace broken tooling or fix a damaged machine. The computer simulations make sure they know what they are doing before they get to the machine."