Why choose "Mastering CNC Lathes - Online"?

Spinning Chuck Lathe Cutting Drill Chuck Jaws Push Button

  • In addition to the basics, students learn from simulations of the job tasks on the popular models of Fanuc, Haas, Okuma, or Mazak CNC controls to satisfy your local manufacturers.
  • Free online Instructor's Guide makes it easy for those that are not familiar with all the CNC control models covered to manage the course.
  • Only invest in the materials when and where they are needed, no upfront investment.
  • Management tools let instructors customize the instruction and testing to meet their student's needs whether it's one or hundreds.
  • Cut costs for your local shops by improving their existing machinists or develop new setup operators to higher levels of skill with this proven courseware.
  • 106 instructional modules to select from provide both Core concepts and Specific Instruction on the most common CNC control models, with more on the way.
  • Based on the instructor's CNC control and module selections, print free customized Student Guides work sheets for each student.
  • Students learn both G code and conversational programming techniques.
  • Display your logo on the key screens and printed materials to identify the course with your school.
  • Teach on-site, in class, beginning or advanced courses, day or night, anywhere there is an internet connection either broadband or dialup.
  • Secure password controlled access to instruction, testing, and all trainee records.
  • Management functions can be accomplished on any web connection at any time.