Variables that Affect Cost:

There are three variables that affect cost. The first is to what extent you wish to train the students. If you wish to introduce them to CNC, they could complete Levels 1 and 2. By completing Levels 1, 2 and 3 they can become a qualified Operator. Adding Level 4 qualifies them as a Setup / Operator. By completing all 5 Levels, they would be qualified as a Setup / Programmer in most shops.

The second variable is the number of individuals you have signed up for the course at any time. The more students you have, the less costly it will be for each one.

The third variable is the number of CNC controls you have selected for each student. The more CNC controls a person is learning, the more modules of instruction they will receive and, therefore, the more it will cost.

Payment Plans:

You can select the Annual Subscription Plan or the Monthly Subscription Plan. These plans are only available to accredited educational institutions at the discretion of V-TIP, Incorporated.

Annual Subscription Plan: You receive the materials at the lowest cost by paying in advance for a specific number of students for a one-year period of access.

Monthly Subscription Plan: A credit card account with a sufficient credit limit must be provided based on the anticipated charges. The account will be charged for the number of sections your students began to work on within the month.

Have Questions?

To discuss your needs, call 1-800-624-6968 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time and talk to our consultants. You may also fill out the Request Information form and a consultant will contact you. You are under no obligation.

Impact Calculator

Practice doesn't Make Perfect…it Makes Permanent. One of the most effective uses of this course is the improvement of existing CNC machinists. The current popularity of Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and ISO certification can make these courses an important part of local manufacturing's competitive strategy. Firms commonly report reductions in scrap, rework, and tool damage, while they achieve faster setups, less downtime, and fewer costly crashes. In the marketing of your MasterTask courses, use this spreadsheet to calculate the potential return-on-investment your local plants can achieve by retraining their machinists.