Case Study Reports

Ron Bailey, Instructor CNC Machining Technology, Broome - Tioga BOCES: "I started using the complete "Precision Measurement for Machinists" course earlier this year. I use it during my 2 daytime high school classes as well as with the adults in the evening."

"I have a local shop that is adding 8 workers right now. We set up a 12 week, 3 hour class for them on measurement between 3 and 6 PM. The first shift people come in after their shift is over and second shift before they go to work. I use the video lessons during the class time and allow them to go through the CD-ROM tests on their own. I have used the "Adapt Test" feature to customize the test questions to make sure they can get through it in the time we have."

"The students feel real good about the course and the adults often come in early so they can get time on the computer test. I love it and just wish I'd known about it sooner."

Dale Waliezer, Clark College, Vancouver, Washington: "It's a 2 year program for CNC machinists. We start most new students out in the "Precision Measurement for Machinists" course the first year. I also have a lot of people from industry coming back in to advance their skills. Experienced people can challenge the course, that is test out, by taking the final exam if they want. Only 10% are able to do that and receive credit for the class."

"Everyone is self-paced in our open-entry / open-exit format. Since we started your program we have had as many as 80 to 100 people in a semester. My current class has 6 more people in it now than we had planned just to handle the demand. I also have 8 people waiting for the classes for next quarter. We are interested in looking at your online courses to help reduce the need for them to come to the campus to acquire the material."

Gary Pettet, Gordon Cooper Area Vo-Tech, Shawnee, Oklahoma: "I was very impressed with your courses when I saw the samples. We visited schools that were using them and called others and they were very positive."

"We got the "Precision Measurement for Machinists" and "Mastering CNC Lathes" programs. I use the measurement course as an introductory class since it covers the basics of shop math, print reading and instruments. We have had an excellent response from students. In fact, I have filled the day classes and I have basically filled a class for next year already."

"It works great! The students like it as well. I like the exposure to everything up to and including the coordinate measuring machine."

Abel Magana, Thousand Oaks High School and LA Valley Community College: "You guys really put together a great course. It is exactly what we needed. The students had a hard time understanding many of the concepts before, but now they are getting it."

"It is difficult with the budget constraints to get all of the things we need in the lab. I really like the simulations of the gauges. The students ask more questions and it is easier for me to teach and for them to learn. I am looking forward to getting some of your CNC courses in the future."

Christopher Groden, Tulsa Technology Center, Manufacturing Center for Applied Research: "We began using the "Mastering CNC Lathes" and "Mastering CNC Machining Centers" materials a few years ago and started using the "Precision Measurement for Machinists" course recently. We contract with local manufacturing facilities to perform the training for them."

"Many of the people we work with in the state funded "Train-the-Trainer" program have between 10 to 15 years as foreman and supervisors in CNC. They often tell us they learn a lot from from the materials. It has been effective for both beginners and advanced machinists as well."

"MasterTask is our favorite curriculum for teaching machining from start to finish. We have been promoting it on a large scale in the local area. It made the difference for us over the last few years when things got slow."