Class Reports

Student Reports:

A report indicating the progress of an individual can be displayed and printed. The report can show the individuals's status on viewing the instruction and completing the tests. The report allows sorting the material by activity or by Date and Time. A comma delimited text file can also be exported to allow importation of student records into another learning management system.

Student Selection

The sample below shows how many minutes this individual spent viewing both the Core and machine-specific instruction and what percentage of that content remains to be viewed. In this case, all the content was viewed on each attempt. The "Test" portion indicates the number of minutes spent on the tests and how many questions remain to be answered. This individual has spent a total of fifteen minutes on module ten with three incorrect answers. If the student returns to the instruction to find the correct answers, additional minutes will appear on the instruction and well as the test. There were two attempts at the test. The "Details" button within the record of each attempt allows the instructor to see which test questions were missed and their current status.

Student Report

The Detail view below shows that question 14 and 15 were incorrect on this attempt. In column 5 you see the scene number from which this question originated. This allows the instructor to quickly find the scene and play it for a student if necessary. In column 7 is the answer to the question.

Detail View