Student Guides

Student Guide

There is a Student Guide for each of the five courses. They are designed to speed the learning process, provide additional assessment tools, provide needed Job Aids for your new students, and serve as a reference manual after training has been completed.

Quick Start Guide:

The "Quick Start" pages that appear in the front of each manual explain how the CD-ROM tests work. They include a graphic of the screen displays the student will see when using the CD-ROM. Your students learn how to begin a test, how all the buttons work, and see examples of the eight types of questions they will be answering throughout the CD-ROM tests. A course outline is also provided. - Sample Quick Start Page

Work Sheets:

Each Student Guide includes a written test for each lesson within the course called a Work Sheet. Since course one has four lessons, there will be four Work Sheets within the Course One Student Guide. Each test includes questions that parallel those found on the CD-ROM, as well as some additional questions that were not specifically covered in the computerized tests. Requiring students to complete these tests before going to the CD-ROM reduces the time it takes for them to complete their interactive tests and simulations. This speeds the learning process and reduces the amount of time each student spends on the computer--a benefit when computer resources are limited - Sample Work Sheet Page / PDF

The questions are divided into groups that match the parts of the instruction. For example, a legend at the beginning of a group of questions might indicate that "Questions 21 to 30 are from Part 2 of the Lesson". This is especially useful if you decide to present the material in a class-room format. The Student Guide tests can then used as a discussion guide. Simply stop the DVD lesson at the end of part 2 and review the questions with your class. The DVD chapter menu enables easy access to specific parts of a lesson. Of course, the answers to all the questions are found in your Instructor's Guide for that course.

Job Aids/Reference Manual:

Some of the tasks being taught within the course are performed in very much the same manner on several models of CNC control. Rather than repeat essentially the same procedure several times in the instructional video, Job Aids appear in the Student Guide manual. These "tasks lists" provide a step-by-step procedure for students to use on the controls. They are especially useful when an individual is faced with a new control type in your shop. In addition, as the student answers other questions in the Student Guide, those answers can also serve as a Job Aid after the training has been completed.