Case Study Reports

Jim Walton, AutoGlo: "The training system is quite comprehensive. As someone who is self taught in cnc programming, setup and operation of Swiss screw machines, I wish I had known about your company when I was learning. I could probably have saved myself alot of time, aggravation and money."

Andrew Bergstrom, William Russell Limited: "We needed him to be able to learn about programming on the Fanuc zero (on Tsugami) and ten series controls. I liked the fact that he could take the lessons from home as well as in the office. He mentioned that it helped him quite a bit and I've noticed that his programming skills have improved."

Frank Clulow, New Hampshire Community College: "We started out with the Mastering CNC Machining Centers course. I had 20 people in the first class, which was really too many, but we paid for the courseware with that class. The retraining of experienced CNC people has really revealed some of the problems with basic on-the-job techniques. After going through the first few lessons, one of my brightest people with 20 years in the industry told me that he never fully understood the difference between Absolute and Incremental coordinates before."

"Since everyone gets 100% eventually on the tests, I evaluate the students by looking at the amount of time they spend on them. It is more important to have the reinforcement the simulations and test questions provide. The tudents really like the tests because of the immediate feedback and interaction they receive just like the video games they all grew up with. Yet, nobody gets hurt and machines don't get damaged."

Gary Fagan, Independent Learner: "I was shown the job, shall I call it piecemeal, over the last 15 years. I never was truly trained. This guy wanted to make sure I never got as good as he was. After completing the course, I am able to setup pretty quickly. I'm running most of the jobs at a faster rate than the former setup person ran them."

Robert Harn, Mid-East Ohio Vocational School: "I've looked at a lot of materials over the years and nothing I've seen in the industry compares. Your courses are really state-of-the-art. I'm a big advocate of your materials and I have recommended them to the local community college and others in manufacturing."

Jim Andrews, Independent Learner: "I was in a local college CNC class, but I was not happy at the pace they were going. Your material looked a lot more complete and I could move ahead as fast as I wanted. I ran a centerless grinder and manual lathes in the past and I needed to move further into CNC. I learned a lot of things I had trouble with before. The other guys are now asking me to help them solve problems. I am being called 'The Professor'. I love the lessons!"

Christopher Groden, Tulsa Technology Center: "We began using the Mastering CNC Lathes and Mastering CNC Machining Centers materials a few years ago and started using the Precision Measurement for Machinists course recently. We contract with local manufacturing facilities to perform the training for them."