Variables that Affect Cost:

There are two variables that affect cost. The first is the amount of training you wish to take. If you wish to be introduce to CNC, you could complete Levels 1 and 2. By completing Levels 1, 2 and 3 you can become a qualified Operator. Adding Level 4 qualifies you as a Setup / Operator. By completing all 5 Levels, you would be qualified as a Setup / Programmer in most shops.

The second variable is the number of CNC controls you have selected. The more CNC controls you learn, the more modules of instruction you will receive and, therefore, the more it will cost. While five CNC control types are covered in the course, it is not recommended to attempt to learn more than two controls at a time. If you have completed the Core instruction previously, and wish to only receive instruction on a specific CNC control model, contact our office for pricing at 1-800-624-6968. You are under no obligation to purchase.

Payment Plans:

You can select the Annual Subscription Plan or the Level Subscription Plan.

Annual Subscription Plan: You receive the materials at the lowest cost by paying in advance for one-year period of access. While most people finish the course within a few months, you will have as long as 12 months. For example, most select the Core and one CNC control type for $696.00 per person for all five Levels. Individuals that receive additional CNC controls will be charged an additional fee of $80.00 per control type.

Level Subscription Plan: You can purchase any of the 5 Levels for $160 per person with a single CNC control selection. This allows you to begin at any appropriate level. Adding an additional CNC control is just $20 per Level per person. To learn more about the content of the course and the Level structure, see the Lesson Outline.

If you are ready to begin, click the "Start Learning" button. If you haven't already done so, complete the registration (create your training account) and sign in. Select from one of the four plans above and PayPal secure pages will let you complete the transaction.

How Do We Compare to Other Online Courses?

Our competitors offer a certain number of months of online access for your investment. What is learned, and how well it is learned, become variables because the time allowed to learn is fixed.

MasterTask's 100% solution reverses the situation. You are given up to a year to learn the material at a competency level of 100%. What is learned and how well it is learned is fixed. The only variable is time.

In addition, rather than expecting you to figure out what lessons to take at each point in their development, MasterTask has done extensive research to make sure you get the information you are likely to need when you need it. What you learn about a topic at each point in the course is based on the context of what you will likely need to do on the job at that time in your development.

Have Questions?

To discuss your needs, call 1-800-624-6968 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time and talk to our consultants. You may also fill out the Request Information form and a consultant will contact you. You are under no obligation.