What will you achieve with the MasterTask System?

Higher Productivity by Retraining

Ultimately, the productivity of your manufacturing equipment is determined by the skills of your set-up and operate personnel, not the features of the machine. Your people determine how quickly the machine is set up, how long it takes to solve a problem, and, to a large extent, the useful life of the machine. The MasterTask approach to training improves efficiency in many ways by simply increasing the knowledge and skills of the setup and operate personnel. (see Case Studies)

Faster Setups and Reduced Down Time

Practice makes Permanent, not Perfect. Without better instruction, individuals often get faster at doing it their own way, but seldom learn the best way. MasterTask researches the procedures shown in each lesson to be sure only the best methods are taught. Rather than simply memorize a sequence of events, your operators will know and understand how to set-up faster and make adjustments that keep your machines productive.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Expense

Anyone can make a mistake, and most of us expect that they will "learn from their mistakes." But the act of doing it wrong doesn't mean they will automatically learn the correct procedure. Eventually, through trial and error, machinery operators find something that works for them whether it is the most efficient method or not. With conventional on-the-job training, these inefficiencies and bad habits get passed along. The few resources available, such as machinery manuals, often fail to answer their questions. While the annual budget is continually adjusted to compensate for these "expected" errors, the MasterTask Training approach reduces many of these costly mistakes by improving the knowledge and skills of the whole work force.

Reduce Scrap and Rework

The MasterTask method ensures that a trainee will not simply memorize a procedure. They receive the instruction they need to understand the processes involved and how they interact. At the heart of our methodology is a GO/NO-GO method of testing. There is the only one "score" acceptable when it comes to operating an expensive machine tool, 100%. Knowing even 99% of a steps required to complete a task is simply not acceptable. Eliminating these errors substantially reduces scrap, rework and down time. There are fewer "errors", since there is no "trial". Each of your trainees knows exactly what to do before they attempt to perform a task on your machines.

Train Faster and Improve Employee Attitudes

Anyone that has ever taken a "test" before has learned to expect they will get some wrong answers. Why? Because most tests are designed by the teacher to produce a distribution of scores. They often waste time on topics like the "history of CNC" or other irrelevant material. MasterTask tests only cover the material needed to be productive. Your employees will achieve 100% on these tests with relative ease. Achieving this level of success rapidly overcomes any trainee resistance to the learning process and makes it an enjoyable experience. In addition, your existing personnel will find it much easier to "work smarter, not harder". The information they gain will reduce much of their frustration and stress created by the lack of understanding perpetuated with conventional on-the-job techniques. Your employees will make fewer mistakes, gain more confidence, and be more satisfied with themselves and their job.