Instructor Guides

MCL Instructor Guide

There are five instructor guides, one for each course. These manuals explain how to install the courses on a computer, provide guidance on implementing the course, and provide answer guides for both the Student Guide and CD-ROM tests.

Quick Start Pages:

The manual begins with a series of pages designed to provide the instructor with a quick reference to the screen displays and interface controls for the computerized management functions. While similar to the Quick Start pages in the Student Guide, the screen displays shown here are password protected for the instructor. The screens allow the starting of a new class or group, registering of trainees, viewing and printing student records, and controlling access to tests. - Quick Start Example

Lesson Outline:

A lesson outline for all 23 lessons of the course is provided so instructors can be aware of the sequence in which various tasks are taught.

Installation and Implementation Instructions:

Basic information about the course design and various instructional techniques are provided. The installation CD-ROM is used to install the courses. Installation may be on a networked server, or on a local hard drive on the computer. Additional instructions are provided on setting up classes within the course, entering password protection, adding students, viewing student progress reports and controlling access to the CD-ROM tests.

Instruction Narration Scripts:

A copy of the audio narration script for each lesson within a course is found in this manual. The scripts help instructors find the location of information which answers any of the CD-ROM or Student Guide questions. Next to each answer in the answer guides is a number which relates to the scene number in a narration script. When a student has a question, the instructor can quickly look up the related narration without the need to replay the DVD. - Narration Script Example

Student Guide Answer Key:

Instructors can use the Student Guide as a testing tool before sending students to the CD-ROM. The answer guide in the Instructor's Manual is keyed to the instructional video. This will allow the instructor to play a part of the instructional video in class, stop and have a group discussion of the questions. - Student Guide Answer Key Example

CD-ROM Answer Key:

This section of the Instructor's Guide includes the answer to every question found on the CD-ROM tests within a course. In addition, each question is linked to a scene number in the instructional video script. When a trainee has a question about a test item, the instructor can quickly look up the related narration without the need to replay the video. - CD Answer Key Example