Case Study Reports

David Evans, CNC Trainer, Emerson Electric: "I am not aware of a single crash by any of our new operators that went through the MasterTask course. Plus, our experienced CNC machinists improved their performance almost immediately. They learned to do things they weren't able to do before."

Walter Voros, Manufacturing Manager, Teleflex Canada: "This is the most effective CNC training I've ever seen. We've put 8 of our more experienced operators through the program. They all are very supportive of it and recommended that all our operators go through it."

Chuck Henzy, President, Precision Machine Products: "On a scale of 1 to 10, the effectiveness of on-the-job training is a 1, where as this approach is a 9. We haven't had any tool damage or machine crashes for quite a while."

Gary Bomhoff, Boeing: "The quality improvements and efficiency gains gave us a 10% increase in productivity. Scrap and rework caused by operator error declined by 87% on the Fanuc controlled machines."

Carl Grossi, Valcar Precision: "We mentioned in our help-wanted ad that we had the training and we had 12 calls the first day. It's the best reaction we've ever had."

Renee Rudloff, Aeroquip Manufacturing: "We trained our third shift using the MasterTask CD-ROM program. We are very pleased with how well it has worked. Our trainees are able to operate and set up the machines."

Paul Thomas, U. S. Electric Motors: "After 55 hours in the (Mastering CNC Lathes) course, our new trainees are able to work as machine operators with a minimum of help. It takes around 40 hours to re-train the experienced people."

Cheryl Lynch, HR Manager, Eaton Aerospace: "We produced a 72% reduction in scrap and rework and a 30% reduction in setup times as a part of our lean project. All three of your courses (CNC and precision measurement) are a part of the certification process all our people go through."

Don Slawinski, Camcraft: "We have increased production by 50% over the last few years despite the recent recession. We added 30 people during that time but were still able to cut quality defects by 76%. We use 5 of your courses covering measurement, CNC and screw machines."