The goal of each lesson is the accurate and complete understanding, and performance, of the job tasks. If there are ten steps to a task, it is logical to require the person to be able to perform each step. Therefore, each test must be completed with 100% accuracy.

While this may seem difficult to achieve, since the tests only cover the knowledge and skills required to perform the job tasks taught in the lesson, trainees find the tests logical and reasonable. In fact, the ease with which trainees achieve a perfect score becomes a positive motivating experience and encourages them to move quickly through the course.

Trainees begin a lesson by reading the performance criteria in the Operator's Manual. This explains what tasks they must be able to perform to successfully complete the lesson. Next, they learn how the "final exam", the Performance Test, will be administered. This removes much of the anxiety surrounding the test. Because of the 100% requirement for all tests, it is important that trainees understand fully what they must know and be able to do within each test.

Trainee at Computer The trainee is then directed to read the Work Sheet for that lesson. Reading this written test before watching the lesson DVD prepares the student to acquire the correct information from the video. After watching the instruction, the trainee completes the Work Sheet. It includes questions about the content of the lesson they just viewed. The questions are simple and straight forward by design. There are no "multiple guess" questions, however. Trainees must be able to write an answer. The Grader is told that grammar and spelling are not important. In fact, if the grader does not understand a written answer, they are directed to ask the trainee to explain their answer, rather than mark it as incorrect.

Filling out worksheet When the Work Sheet is finished, it is taken to the grader. The grader uses the Grader's Manual to check the answers. At the first wrong answer, the grading is stopped and the grader marks the Operator Progress sheet to indicate a No-Go has occurred. No additional questions are checked. The trainee must return to the instruction to correct the mistake. This places the burden on the trainee to get each answer correct, rather than rely on an instructor or another operator to provide the answer.

Once a trainee has achieved 100% on the Work Sheet, they may proceed to the Practice Session. During this period, the individual works with an experienced person and practices the tasks covered in the lesson. The tasks are normally performed during a normal setup or adjustment period to eliminate any lost production time. The Practice Monitor must sign the Operator Progress Sheet indicating that the trainee performed the tasks 100% correctly.

Trainee at Machine In the last step in a lesson, trainees must ask for their Performance Test. These tests are also designed to be administered during a normal setup or adjustment. The test is found in the Supervisor's Manual and is normally administered by the supervisor. Again, the test is stopped at the first wrong procedure. Since the trainee does not want to fail in front of the Supervisor, they are highly motivated to prepare fully before asking for the test. Any mistakes are noted on the Operator Progress Sheet. If a mistake does occur, the trainee decides whether they need to return to the DVD lesson for more information or to practice the tasks additionally. Once the test is achieved at 100%, the trainee moves to the next lesson.

As indicated in the chart below, experienced employees can be given the option to complete the Performance Test to test-out of a lesson. If a mistake is made, they are returned to the beginning of the lesson sequence.

Flow Chart