Management System

Class Manager

A computerized management system is included with each course. It provides control over access to the CD-ROM tests and allows student records to be viewed and analyzed. The training process and the records it produces meet the requirements for ISO, QS, or TS standards.

Three Access Levels:

Each course has three levels of access which are password protected; Course Manager, Instructor, and Trainee. The Course Manager password provides access to the records of all students in any of the classes which have been set up for the course. The Instructor's password provides access only to classes to which the instructor is assigned. The Student password allows an individual trainee to review the tutorial or to take a test. Each time a trainee takes a test or returns to continue a test, a separate record is stored in the student's file.

Class Size:

The entry of trainees into a course requires that a class be setup by the instructor. The management system allows up to ten classes to be entered with as many as 50 trainees in each class. Classes can be assigned by shift or department within the shop, or any other method that might be convenient for your facility.

Access Control:

Each instructor has access to the students assigned to his class through the password protected Class Management function. Students can be added or deleted and tests made active or inactive for either the class as a whole, or for individual students at any time. If test one were made active for a student, test one would appear for that student when they started the course. The lesson one test would continue to appear until the trainee either answers each question correctly, or the instructor makes the test inactive. If test one were inactive, and the remaining tests were all active, the trainee would see lesson two's test next. Once a trainee answers all the questions correctly in a test, the computer presents the next test in numerical sequence that is currently active.

Focusing the Tests:

As a trainee's name is entered into the computer by the instructor, the selection of the measurement types on which that person is to be tested more thoroughly must be made. It is possible to allow the automatic selection of a default control type by selecting a category when entering the class information. Either Inch, Metric, or both Inch and Metric can be selected for an individual student.

Class, Time and Student Records:

As each class is entered and an instructor designated, an instructor's password is entered. This permits the instructor to have access to all of the class management functions. Among those are the ability to view Class Reports, Time Reports and Student Reports. Class Reports indicate which trainees have completed the tests within a course and which tests are currently active for each trainee. Time Reports provide an analysis of the amount of time each student within a class has used to reach their current level of competency. It also provides average time values for the class as a whole. Student Reports provide a detailed view of an individual trainee's progress, which questions they have missed, the number of attempts at each test, and so on. Instructors use this data to find those individuals that may be having trouble or lack motivation.