Variables that Affect Cost:

There are 47 modules that make up the course. Some of them are specific to inch, others are metric and many are specific to various types of measuring instruments. The cost is determined by the number of modules each person to receives.

Four Plans:

You can select the Inch Only, Metric Only, Both Inch and Metric or Selected Modules.. With any of these selections, the trainee has up to one year to complete the course.

Inch and Metric: You receive the materials at the lowest cost by selecting this option. All 47 modules plus Work Sheet and Test questions are provided for a cost of $249.00 per person, which is just $5.32 per module.

Inch Only: The costs is $199.00 per person.

Metric Only: The costs is $199.00 per person.

Selected Modules: You select the modules you wish the trainee to receive. The costs is $9.95 per module per person.

If you are ready to begin, click the "Start Learning" button. If you haven't already done so, complete the registration (create your training account) and sign in. Select from one of the four plans above and PayPal secure pages will let you complete the transaction.

Have Questions?

To discuss your needs, call 1-800-624-6968 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time and talk to our consultants. You may also fill out the Request Information form and a consultant will contact you. You are under no obligation.

How Does MasterTask Compare?

Our competitors offer a certain number of months of online access for your investment. What is learned, and how well it is learned, become variables because the time allowed to learn is fixed.

MasterTask's 100% solution reverses the situation. Trainees are given up to a year to learn the material at a competency level of 100%. What is learned and how well it is learned is fixed. The only variable is time.

In addition, rather than expecting a trainee to figure out what lessons to take at each point in their development, MasterTask has done extensive research to make sure they get the information they are likely to need when they need it. What they learn about a topic at each point in the course is based on the context of what they will likely need to do on the job at that time in their development.

Will it Pay?

One of the most effective and profitable uses of this course is the improvement of existing operators. The success of Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and ISO certification will make these courses an important part of management's competitive strategy. You will produce rapid reductions in scrap, rework, tool damage, achieve faster setups, less downtime, and fewer costly mistakes. To calculate the potential impact of these savings, use this spreadsheet to calculate your potential return-on-investment.