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Structure and Sequence:

The course is divided into 47 modules. Some modules may be divided into a number of instructional modules that may include both a "Core" and "Specific" sections. A Core section covers the general aspects that apply to both the inch and metric measurement system. Each Specific section explains how a particular task is accomplished using either the Inch or Metric system.

Modules and Sections:

There are a total of 644 questions in the tests if all 47 modules are included, but some of those questions may have as many as 20 steps that must be completed. These multi-step questions are typically "simulation" questions that require the trainee to complete a measurement task. Remember, the trainee cannot fail these tests! If they make a mistake, they simply go back to the instruction to figure out what they did wrong, then try the question again. The goal of this course is to make sure they have the information they need to perform their job tasks; they are not studying for a "grade".

If you select the Inch system, your trainees will answer 575 questions as they progress. If Metric is selected, they receive 574 questions. If both systems of measurement are selected, they receive 644 questions. Since some of these question have multiple steps, they are effectively answering approximately 800 questions.

Module Flow:

Module Flow As trainees begin a module, they will see the Core section of instruction. Next, assuming the person was signed up for the Metric measurement system, they would see the instruction for that specific measurement system if one is available for that module.

The Work Sheet, generated and printed by the Instructor from the web pages for this individual, would include questions covering both the Core and Metric specific instruction. As a trainee attempts to answer the questions, they can return to look at either the Core or Specific instruction as many times as they need. Taking the time to answer all the Work Sheet questions will make it much easier for them to answer the Interactive test that follows.

Once they complete the Work Sheet, the trainee can proceed to the Interactive Test online. The test may have all of the Core questions followed by all the Specific questions, or it may have the Specific questions interspersed within the Core material. The order the questions are presented will follow the sequence used in the instructional material.

Job Aids:

In addition to the instruction and Work Sheets, job aids are available. The 40 page "Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Job Aid" is a PDF file that should be printed for every trainee. It provides a detailed explanation of the various symbols and provides a graphic illustration of the correct method of performing the measurement on a surface plate. - Sample Job Aid

Real-World Examples:

Most scenes were recorded in manufacturing shops and show actual production environments and workpieces. Computer animations and graphics are used to explain some concepts. To see samples of the instruction click on the Free Samples section.