CD-ROM Testing

Course CD-ROMs

Five CD-ROMs are provided, one for each of the five courses in the Mastering CNC Machining Centes program. Each of the CD-ROMs include four to six interactive tests, one for each lesson within a course. A sixth CD-ROM, titled Installation, provides the the complete course management system.

The Testing Process:

Each test includes an average of 30 questions, however, some questions include a number of steps that must all be completed correctly for it to be judged as correct. The questions a trainee sees during a test are determined to some degree by selections made during their registration in the computer. Four machine type categories are offered: Fanuc, Mazak, Haas, and Okuma. If some of your trainees will be operating machines with Fanuc 0 Series controls, for example, you can select just Fanuc 0 Series for those students. If others might be running Fanuc 0 Series and Okuma lathes, you can select each of those categories. If you want others operators to be fully knowledgeable on all the machine and control combinations, all categories are selected. A large percentage of the questions in each test are general in nature and all trainees will receive them. Questions that are specific to a control type will only be presented to trainees which have had that control type selected during registration.

Learner Controlled Pacing:

Adults learn best when they control the pace of the learning process. Therefore, the trainee can stop the interactive test at any time. When they return to the test, they will first be asked any questions they missed on their previous attempt. Then they will then see any remaining unanswered questions. This process will continue as long as the test remains active, or until they have answered all questions correctly. This 100% requirement is a legitimate goal of the MasterTask competency-based instructional process.

Question Types:

The goal of each test is to simulate the actual job tasks as closely as possible. Eight types of interactive questions are used. Some require the recall of information, others demand the performance of a number of steps in the correct order. For example, trainees will be required to display specific pages on the computer screen, locate codes and coordinates within programs, perform calculations to determine correction values, and enter those values on a keypad just as they would when solving a quality problem at your machines. A tutorial is provided on each CD-ROM for your trainees. It explains how the CD-ROM testing process works, shows them the typical screen displays and buttons, and provides sample questions.

Core Installation:

During installation of a course on a computer, a complete course management system is provided. The system tracks student progress including the number of attempts at each test, the time taken during each attempt and which questions were not answered correctly. The instructor can control over the learning process on an individual basis by reviewing student records and turning tests one or off. Management files as well as instructor and student passwords can be stored on the local computer drive or on a Server over a network. To learn more about these features, see the Management System section.

The FREE "Mastering CNC Machining Centers" sample CD-ROM includes the actual questions that correspond to the lesson segments found on the instructional sample provided. This gives you a mini-version of the course to try out. The course tutorial and management system are included on the disk for your review as well. See the Free Samples Request to order your copy.