Operator's Manual:

All of the materials the trainee needs to complete the self-paced course are found in this manual. It directs the individual through each step in the learning process from reading the Work Sheet, to watching the instruction, practicing the tasks, and completing the Performance Test.

Grader's Manual:

At the beginning of this manual, the Grader is told how to implement the Go, No-Go grading process. They are cautioned not to grade an answer based on spelling, grammar, or any other criteria other than whether the answer is correct. If an answer is incorrect, the trainee is told which question is involved and a No-Go on is placed on the Operator Progress Sheet. All answers to the Work Sheet questions are found in the manual. The grader is told how to evaluate poor Work Sheet performance and its causes.

Supervisor's Manual:

The manual contains instructions on the successful implementation of the training process for both new trainees and experienced workers. Performance Tests are included for each lesson. Suggestions on how to vary the implementation based on employee attitudes and Performance Test results are included.

Manager's Manual:

The manual provides an overview of all of the instructions found in the other three manuals. Troubleshooting guides are provided to aid in analyzing the instructional process should problems arise.