Variables that Affect Cost:

There are three variables that affect cost. The first is to what extent you wish to train the students. By completing Levels 1 and 2 they can become a qualified Operator. By completing all 4 Levels, they would be qualified as a Setup / Programmer in most shops.

The second variable is the number of individuals you have signed up for the course at any time. The more trainees you have, the less costly it will be for each one. Call us for more information at 800-624-6968

The third variable is the number of CNC Swiss machines you have selected for each trainee. The more machines a person is learning, the more modules of instruction they will receive and, therefore, the more it will cost. See "Payment Plans" below for details.

Payment Plans:

You can select the Annual Subscription Plan or the Level Subscription Plan.

Annual Subscription Plan: You receive the materials at the lowest cost by paying in advance for a specific number of trainees for a one-year period of access. For example, most select the Core, one CNC machine type, and one bar loader type for $796.00 per person for all four Levels. Trainees that receive additional CNC machine types will be charged an additional fee of $80.00 per machine type and additional bar loaders can be added for an additional $19.95. Call 1-800-624-6968 for group rates.

Level Subscription Plan: You can purchase any of the 4 Levels for $219 per person with a single machine type and bar loader. This allows you to have your trainees begin at any appropriate level. Adding an additional machine type is just $20.00 per Level and $19.95 per person for each additional bar loader.

Click the "Start Learning" button. If this is your first MasterTask course, select the NEW USERS area. If you are returning, select EXISTING USERS. Select from one of the plans offered for this course and make your payment through the secure PayPal pages.

Have Questions?

To discuss your needs, call 1-800-624-6968 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time and talk to our consultants. You may also fill out the Request Information form and a consultant will contact you. You are under no obligation.

How Does MasterTask Compare?

All MasterTask courses are developed using methods originating from research done at Florida State University for the US military called the ISD (Instructions Systems Development) process. It asssures you the course meets the performance objectives derived from extensive tasks analysis. That keeps the course from including topics such as the history of CNC or other material irrelevant to the job.

Many courses use an educational approach where a grade of 80% might be considered passing. If there are ten steps to a procedure, it is hard to imagine any two which are not important. MasterTask's 100% solution makes sure all the information is acquired. Most trainees can complete a module within an hour and that success builds confidence which speeds learning. What is learned and how well it is learned is fixed. The only variable is time.

Mastertask includes realistic simulations of the job tasks on the CNC machine type and bar loader type selected for the trainee to learn including machines from Citizen, Star, and Tsugami and bar loaders from Citizen, Iemca, and LNS. No other course offers this powerful learning tool.

Will it Pay?

One of the most effective and profitable uses of this course is the improvement of existing operators. The success of Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement and ISO certification will make these courses an important part of management's competitive strategy. You will produce rapid reductions in scrap, rework, tool damage, achieve faster setups, less downtime, and fewer costly mistakes. To calculate the potential impact of these savings, use this spreadsheet to calculate your potential return-on-investment.