Why choose
"Precision Measurement for Machinists - Online"?

Measureing with a Caliper Optical Comparator Beam Measuring with a Micrometer ID Plug Guage CMM Machine

  • Simulations of print reading, measuring tasks and math calculations build skills without making mistakes that create scrap and rework.
  • 47 instructional modules cover everything from steel rulers to Coordinate Measuring Machines.
  • Selections of inch, metric or both systems of measurement are made for each person when entering them in the course.
  • You only invest in the training you need when you need it whether it's for one or hundreds, in one plant or globally.
  • The MasterTask 100% mastery approach has a long record of achievement among thousands of successful firms.
  • Based on your selections, print free customized trainee Work Sheets and Instructor manuals.
  • Secure password controlled access to instruction, testing, and all trainee records.
  • Meet ISO, QS and TS requirements for training with this complete computerized documentation system.
  • Instill even greater employee ownership and pride by including your company logo on the web pages and manuals.
  • Instruction and Testing can occur anywhere there is a web connection, either dial up or broadband, even in the trainee's home.
  • Management functions can be accomplished on any web connection at any time.