Why choose "Mastering CNC Swiss - Online"?

Milling Flats Loading a Bar Removing Collet Thread Turing

  • Go from the basics of CNC to interactive simulations of the job tasks on the popular models of CNC Swiss machines from your choice Citizen, Star, or Tsugami.
  • Easy-to-afford per level purchases are available or save more by subscribing to the complete course.
  • No time limits! As long as you progress, take the time you need.
  • You can't fail, simply return to the instruction until you "master the task".
  • Four levels to build the skill level you need from operator, to setup operator, to setup programmer.
  • No class schedules to meet! You have access to your course every day of the year 24/7.
  • Free Media Support CD-ROM speeds delivery over slower web connections.
  • Print free Student Guide manuals for each level of the course for long-term reference.
  • With over 40 years in business, your certificate of completion will be recognized by both large and small firms alike.
  • Your course may qualify for full "tuition reimbursement" by your employer.