Privacy Policy

MasterTask respects the privacy of users who visit our site and submit information to us. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge. The following policies are in effect for all of the Web pages owned and operated by MasterTask Training Systems, V-TIP, Incorporated.

When a visitor requests pages at any MasterTask site, our Web server automatically recognizes only the browser's domain name and IP address, but not the e-mail address. We collect only the domain name and IP address in order to collect information on what pages users access or visit most often so that we may add to, or improve, the site. This information is collected solely for statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.

From time to time, we ask users to provide their e-mail address or mailing address for the purposes of a survey or to provide additional information such as sample videos and CD-ROMs, or for other services we may offer (for example, information about a trade show or a subscription to an e-mail newsletter). Whenever the identity of a visitor is recorded, we will clearly indicate the purpose of the request before the information is requested.

Your e-mail address will not be sold to a third party.