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What Does It Cost to Teach Using OJT?
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Number of people to train with OJT:    people
Trainee's hourly cost including benefits: $  per hour
Hourly cost of OJT trainer including benefits: $  per hour
Percentage of Trainer's time spent with a typical trainee:    %
Hourly rate billed for machining time excluding labor: $  per hour
Weeks it takes to complete OJT typically:    weeks
Hours per week machine is idle due to learning process:    hours
Average cost of scrap, rework, tool damage, repair per trainee:  per trainee
* Investment in trainee's wages per trainee: $
* Investment in trainer's time per trainee: $
Lost production time from machine used for teaching: $
Additional cost for trainee errors and learning mistakes: $
OJT's cost per trainee: $
OJT's total cost for all trainees: $
Savings potential using MasterTask system.
Percent of time reduced for trainee to master tasks:    % faster
Percent of the OJT trainer time reduced:    % less time
Percent of reduction in lost production time from machinery:    %time recovered
Percent of reduction in trainee errors from 100% approach:    % fewer errors
Savings estimate per trainee: $
TOTAL savings estimate for all trainees: $
* Assumes a 40 hr. work week.