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Mastering CNC Swiss

You select from Citizen, Star or Tsugami as well as LNS, Citizen or Iemca bar loaders when registering your trainees. The course then provides instruction in both basic CNC machining as well as the specific procedures on the machine and bar loader models selected.

During the testing portion, your trainees will see the screen displays, control panels and machinery components and be required to complete the job tasks in simulation. If they make any mistakes, they are required to repeat those questions until they achieve a perfect score. They can return to the instruction within a module as often as they need.

Coupling this competency-based learning process with daily job experience eliminates much of the production time lost to conventional training methods. Hundreds of firms also report faster setups, better quality, longer tool life, less downtime, and fewer costly crashes just by improving existing personnel. New trainees are reported to be as productive as those with 5 to 7 years of on-the-job experience within a few months.

Trainees are motivated to learn as fast as possible in two ways. First, since everyone must achieve 100% on each test, grades are not an issue. Instead, they are evaluated by the rate at which they progress. Secondly, the ease with which they can achieve100% encourages and motivates them accelerating the whole learning process.

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